The Knights of Saint Januarius wear the badge of the Order suspended from a red Riband ten centimeters in width and worn over the right shoulder across to the left hip. The badge is a gold, eight pointed Maltese Cross in white enamel with red and gold rays extending along the arms, four gold fleur de lys between each arm and the gold image of the Bishop Martyr Saint Januarius in red, white and blue enamel Episcopal vestments rising from a gold cloud and holding in his left hand the open gospels on which rests two phials of his blood. The breast star is a silver, four pointed star with the fleur de lys between the arms and the same image of the Bishop Martyr as on the badge but with the motto (in gold on blue enamel), In Sanguine Foedus instead of the gold clouds.
                    St. Januarius Badge                                                  St. Januarius Badge, Star,          
                                                                                                 Collar, Riband, Miniature Collar,
                                                                                              Miniature, Rosette & Bar Ribbo
The Collar of the Order (which, although all the knights are entitled to it, was only rarely awarded, and of which there are eight numbered examples in the possession of H.R.H. the Infante Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria) is composed of eighteen gold links between which alternate eight gold fleur de lys, two ornaments composed of the white enamel letter C (for Charles) charged on two crossed white enameled flags (for the Bourbons) on green enameled leaves, two ornaments composed of a gold and black enamel castellated tower charged on crossed white and red enameled flags, two ornaments composed of the open gospels in gold on which rest two phials of the Martyr's blood in red enamel and placed upon green palm fronds, two ornaments composed of a crossed Bishop's crosier and chalice with the Blessed Sacrament all in gold, and one ornament (at the back of the Collar) composed of a crowned and armed lion passant mounted on two crossed banners of red and white enamel. In the center of the Collar is a red enameled bishop's miter over a cross and crosier from which is suspended the badge of the Order in gold and enamel.
There is also a miniature collar composed of a pair of each of the C, Tower and Gospels ornaments between three pairs of fleurs de lys with the miter and badge suspended from the center. The miniature decoration is composed of the badge and miter suspended from a red ribbon, while there is also a red buttonhole rosette (with the badge mounted in the center). Officers of the Order who are not knights wear the same decorations but without the Collar and with the image of the Bishop Martyr charged on the Star in silver and enamels, instead of gold. Some antique breast stars and some modern stars, show the image of the Saint in yellow enamel miter and vestments. Since March 24th 1817, a regulation of the Order has accorded the title of Excellency and Don to all the members.
St. Januarius Breast Star

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